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This is really unfortunate. I’ve been a member of this sites subscription download service for about five years or so and have discovered countless great albums through them. I’m not against major record labels or the content they put out per se, but I’ve been watching eMusic decline steadily ever since they began acquiring access to more and more major label titles. Prices have increased and are soon to be approaching iTunes prices. The biggest thing though is that they seem to be changing there focus from independent label promotion to more mainstream content. It was the discovery of new and interesting music that attracted me to eMusic in the first place and lately, I’m becoming hard pressed to discover much of anything there.


I have found that everything youreally need comes to you in good time.  And I really needed this old record player.  Through 6 moves I have lugged this box of records around.  A man in Manhattan was getting ready to throw them out.  I happened by at just the right moment and took them right off his hands.  That was 10 years ago!  Yesterday, my father stopped by with this record player.  He found it at a thrift store for a great price and could not pass it up.  We have been enjoying it immensely!

Product plug:

♬ ‘I Think I’ - Morgan Packard ♪. Wow.

Psqueslch, circa 1993. The guys shirt says “I love the absolute losers”.

Shuffle sequence on my iPod just played: “Easy” by Joanna Newsom, “Easy” by Justin Vernon, and “Easy” by Thao all back to back.

Skinny Love by Bon Iver

I know I’m maybe a little late to the party on this one, it was nearly three years ago, but I don’t watch much TV so I pretty much miss everything. Bridget and I were having a quiet ride home this evening from trick-or-treating up the island while the kids slept in the back seat. I put on Bon Iver’s album “For Emma, Forever Ago” and we gave it a proper listen. It’s a beautiful album and I have yet, years later, to tire of it. Anyway, Bridget found this Letterman performance of “Skinny Love” when we got home. It’s a gorgeous rendition of the song, fantastically executed live with Justin Vernon backed by three singers, each playing a simple drum kit. I love it.

For Rich, who asked about the song I used in the “Balloons” video…

Balloons In The Basement (via ipabuilt)

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So, I’m trying my hand at a short video. It’s nothing fancy. I slowed down a video clip that I shot over the summer of my kids and a few of their cousins, overdubbed an Óläf Árnalds track and gave it a title; Viola! I think slowing down video footage and overdubbing music is a really simple way to make nearly anything seem more interesting. Like it or not, it’s a safe bet you’ll see more like this from me in the future.  Cheers.

There is a very distinct pleasure that comes from stacking firewood. Having a nice woodpile makes me feel like a rich man indeed.

Thimbleberry Crumble.

Wild Berries. Southampton , NY.

Hungry birds.

My son Roan has lately been taken with the idea that it is improper to throw one’s garbage out of a car window. As we drive around town he likes to voice the various reasons why this behavior is unacceptable. My wife texted me one of his particularly amusing anecdotes and I so loved it that she had it made into a t-shirt as a Father’s Day gift. It is an anti-littering slogan that spans continents.

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